Nintendo’s Job ≠ Parents’ Job Scott's Thoughts

I grew up with three parents: Mom, Dad, and Nintendo.

My mother and father were great—kept me out of trouble, let me earn trust, and gave me some slack on the leash.

Nintendo, on the other hand, has always been the stereotypical helicopter parent.

And still is.

When I moved out of my Mom and Dad’s house, I took my Nintendo games with me. Along with them, I brought some overbearing restrictions along for the ride.

I got my own place to live, my own car to ride, and my own job to cover my bills. That’s what we call “adulting.” Unfortunately, I still feel like a kid when I try to play online and use the limited internet services built into Nintendo systems.

This company from Japan thinks it’s their job to raise me. It’s not, and it never was.

If Nintendo wants to provide a parental control app—great. The one for Switch has some neat features. That needs to be the end of their responsibilities, so parents can do the rest.

It would sure be nice to talk to my friends… or even my competitors if I want to!

Why is Switch’s Voice Chat Through A Phone App?

Voice chat – real, true, genuine, actual voice chat on a Nintendo system. Someone pinch me.

The Nintendo Switch is taking a little bit different of an approach when it comes to online voice communications… all of that data is going to be funneled through a new mobile app the Nintendo is publishing later in 2017. This is a strange choice, and isn’t something we’ve seen before in the gaming industry. Will it end up being a positive or a negative for those who pick up the new console/portable hybrid? Ryan is here with a Crew Cut to examine all aspects of the issue!

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