Another Nintendo Direct?! 😱

Nintendo revealed several 2018 games, as well as made announcements for 2019! Animal Crossing? Luigi’s Mansion? Who would have made those predictions?!

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Honest Nintendo Direct: E3 2018

Here’s what really happened during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct.

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TBC 013: The Art of Video Game Trailers


E3 2018 is a wrap, and it inspired us to take a look at the topic of Video Game Trailers. What makes a trailer good? Or bad? What makes a trailer memorable, or forgettable? It’s an interesting talk between Simeon, Scott, and Glen, and we would love your thoughts in the comments as well. Please enjoy—we love bringing you an in-depth, sponsor-free podcast every month.

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The Real Reason E3 Disappointed Us


Leaks ruined E3 2018 for the Nintendo fan.

Each and every year, Nintendo endeavors to surprise and delight you. They spend months holding meetings about E3, planning their lineup, signing deals, scripting speeches, recording VO, and editing trailers meant to drop your jaw.

Each and every year, gamers scour Internet forums and fansites for the latest news, rumors, and speculation.

Is there any wonder why you weren’t in shock and awe after the Nintendo Direct?

For some unknown reason, Nintendo fans expect that they can examine every patent, floor plan, internal email, and industry job listing—yet STILL be blown away when it finally comes time for the Big N to show their big guns.

You can’t have it both ways!

Badly Kept Secrets

Do you know how epic (pun intended) it could have been when Fortnite was revealed? That was a moment that was passed over without fanfare because we knew it was coming. Imagine going into E3 blind, then finding out: not only is Fortnite confirmed for Nintendo Switch, it’s free… and you can get it now!

Or Killer Queen Black, a 5v5 arcade game that’s sweeping the scene with its unique gameplay and set up, now coming to a much more convenient portable/console hybrid.

Dragon Ball FighterZ, Paladins, FIFA 19, Overcooked 2, and more… all these announcements were stolen from Nintendo.

Unmet Expectations

Another way leaked information harms the industry is… well, sometimes it’s not true. And who are we to say what’s fake and what isn’t? Nintendo “doesn’t comment on rumor or speculation,” so anybody with a Resetera account can string along the entire community of Switch gamers, get every podcast and YouTube channel talking about them, just by making something up and saying they “heard” it. Since when did we decide to be this gullible?

There are actually people feeling down about the absence of Star Fox: Grand Prix and Simon Belmont in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because those things didn’t materialize. You could argue that Nintendo is holding those cards for the future, and maybe they are—but I prefer not to peak at the player’s hand across the table. It takes the fun out of the game.

Put a Cork in It

Curious how Nintendo feels about E3 leaks? Here’s Reggie via IGN: “You know, as a company, we want to surprise and delight our fans. That’s what we live to do. So when leaks happen, it’s really disappointing. We work hard to maintain the confidentiality of our information. In this day and age where everyone has a camera and everyone is looking for their 10 seconds of internet fame, it’s really tough. But we try hard, very hard to keep our information confidential and keep leaks from happening.”

Nintendo is doing their part, but Reggie is right: after the advent of smartphones, leaks can’t be stopped. You simply can’t cork all the holes in the boat.

But you CAN put a cork in your mouth, and help stop the spread of leaks. If you find yourself underwhelmed at Nintendo’s announcements, maybe it’s time to start doing things differently. Make a change. Ask content creators to stop reporting leaks as news, or at least preempt them with a spoiler warning.

Let Nintendo surprise us again!

(By the way, I heard Retro Studios is working on Mach Rider: The RPG. My name is Scott Campbell and I would love to be Internet-famous. Please spread the news!)

Nintendo’s Bad Good E3 2018 Direct

E3 has come and gone, and sadly not many Nintendo fans feel like they came out the other side in victory. Yes, we got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it felt a little bit off, didn’t it? Simeon and Scott discuss what could have been done better.

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E3 2018 Predictions (BINGO Edition!)

Every year, Simeon and Scott create a Bingo card of E3 predictions. With Nintendo’s press conference being streamed tomorrow, we’ve barely made the cutoff!

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Fate of 3DS Determined Scott’s Thoughts

For some time now, fans of Nintendo have debated what should be done about 3DS:

“Just let it die.”

“Leverage the fanbase! Make more exclusives!”


In the March 8th Nintendo Direct, the Big N made their intentions clear:

3DS will continue to receive ports and remakes into 2019.

Absolutely perfect for the younger generation who aren’t old enough to have played the originals.

Captain Toad, Sushi Striker, Luigi’s Mansion, Mario & Luigi, not exclusives. All playable elsewhere. It services the install base but doesn’t lock out gamers who have moved on.

Smash Bros. as a Service Scott’s Thoughts

I expected a port of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in 2018. Smash development cycles are too long, and we would never get new entries this close together… those were my thoughts entering into the March 8th Nintendo Direct.

I was wrong; it’s a brand new game.

There are still skeptics, or fans who are simply being cautious not to jump to conclusions. But Nintendo laid it out plainly for us:

  • The game has a working title (not simply “Super Smash Bros. for Switch” in the Smash 4 branding.)
  • Nintendo chose to forgo the transition used at the beginning of every Smash 4 trailer
  • has been completely started over from scratch
  • The trailer shows only vague outlines of a cast with fewer than 20 characters, not the entire Smash 4 ensemble waiting to welcome the Inklings

It’s really happening. It’s a new console generation, a new Smash Bros. website, a new series of character reveals (who’s staying, who’s leaving, and who’s arriving?)—friends, it’s a new Super Smash Bros. game.

And the cherry on top? 2018.

It seems impossible. How would Nintendo have time to develop a new title from the ground up? The Wii U and 3DS entries only came out during the tail end of 2014.

The answer: The developers probably didn’t start from scratch. For one thing, this new game could very well use the Smash 4 engine. They finally struck the perfect balanced formula that resonated with casual players and eSports alike (not easy), so Sakurai and his team won’t be quick to abandon the engine.

Smash 5 likely won’t launch with a beefy lineup of 50 characters, either. I think the group of brawlers shown in the trailer was deliberately small.

Super Smash Bros. could easily be sold to us as a service. Think of all the popular games these days that add content gradually—the “Splatoon approach,” if you will.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see Smash launch alongside Nintendo’s paid online service in September to help promote the program. I also would not be surprised if Smash, in September, feels like a half a game.

Sakurai could keep the hype train of character reveals steaming along the tracks for—well—years!

P.S. Why didn’t Nintendo save this bombshell announcement for E3? Because it’s going to be the central theme of their booth, and booth decorations are literally impossible to prevent from leaking. We knew about Breath of the Wild and Odyssey before Nintendo decked out their corner of E3 in previous years, and the same will go for Smash this time. The lid is going to be absolutely blown off this game at E3 2018, only months ahead of launch!

March Direct Impressions. Also, SMASH!!!!!!

The March Nintendo Direct dropped on us like a bomb and we’re pretty stoked about it! In fact, Simeon even made the statement “after the Switch, video games can just stop.” He might be on to something! Smash 5 could literally be the best game ever made. –

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ARMS Is The Next Street Fighter

Scott’s just dying to prove Simeon wrong on this one.

#513 – Don’t count ARMS out yet. A lot of thoughtful development is going into making this zany fighter a mainstay on Switch. With plenty of characters, modes, and customizations to choose from, the potential for competitive depth is bottomless.

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Will ARMS be Competitively Deep?

Will ARMS have legs?

#505 – It’s the burning question on Nintendo fans’ minds as we approach E3 2017 – is the next first-party offering going to have enough depth to sink my teeth into? Is it worth the $60 price tag? In this show, Simeon and Scott examining the evidence to support both sides of the argument.

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Fire Emblem Direct News

Fire Emblem Switch, coming 2018. Just thought you’d like to know.

If the Switch Presentation wasn’t enough Nintendo news for you, you’re in luck. We were graced with an additional live stream, this time focusing wholly on the Fire Emblem series of games. In this themed Nintendo Direct, 4 Fire Emblem games were revealed, 3 of which launch this year! Just insanity. We discuss each and every reveal along with how we feel about the upcoming FE titles. Watch our reactions and then sound off in the comments – which Fire Emblem game are you most looking forward to?

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Last Minute Switch Predictions

Mark our words… MARK THEM!!!

With Nintendo fully revealing the Nintendo Switch TONIGHT, we couldn’t be more hyped! This is officially our last chance to make predictions pertaining to the launch of the console, its hidden features, and what we might see accompany the hardware at launch! Pass the time waiting for the Presentation by watching this episode and dropping your OWN predictions in the comments section! Related blog: 6 Ways Nintendo Can Nail the Switch Presentation

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Switch Presentation 1/12/17 – What to Expect

Let’s hope the Iwata pupper doesn’t make an appearance.

Nintendo is getting ready to drop another Switch bomb full of news and announcements, and it’s coming in January. We’re here to prepare for the onslaught of hype!

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An Open Letter to Whiny Nintendo Fans

We need to talk. I’ve been a part of the Nintendo community for a long time now, and what used to be something to be proud of has me quite ashamed from time to time. The actions I see online are absolutely ridiculous and seem to get more out of hand every Nintendo Direct. Of course, not everyone acts the ways described below, but far, FAR too many do.

Make up your minds, please.

When Nintendo releases new games in the same franchise (Mario, Zelda, etc.) a lot of what I hear is whining for new ideas and new IPs. When Nintendo releases a new game or new IP (Federation Force, Codename: S.T.E.A.M., etc.) I’m also hearing a ton of complaints and hate. If you try a game and decide you don’t like it, that’s completely justified, but when Nintendo announces a game and it’s suddenly the apocalypse… not okay. Nintendo is completely aware you want a new Metroid game, I assure you.

No unreleased game deserves this much hate.
No unreleased game deserves this much hate.

I’m a HUGE fan of the first two Paper Mario games, but couldn’t get into Sticker Star at all. While Color Splash looks more like Sticker Star than a traditional RPG, that doesn’t mean I’m going to attack the game. I’m going to do something revolutionary instead: I’m not going to buy the game. If reviews come out and the game happens to be incredible maybe I’ll change my mind, but there’s no reason whatsoever to throw punches at Nintendo for simply making a game I’m not interested in.

Nintendo is a business.

Why make Paper Mario: Color Splash when Sticker Star wasn’t as well received as the other games in the series? It sold well. Nintendo makes decisions that will first and foremost make them money. They try to please as many people as possible, but you’ll certainly never please everyone, and they know that. If Sticker Star hadn’t sold well either they would have taken a different approach for the next Paper Mario game or the franchise would cease to exist.

Enjoy your (extra) life!

So many people act like the decisions Nintendo makes will make or break their quality of life. Just take a deep breath and calm down. It’s completely possible to not be interested in any games Nintendo is releasing for months (possibly years) on end. Luckily they have such an amazing backlog of games that it should be easy to find something you’ll enjoy. So bust out that dusty N64 and 4 controllers, because Mario is always ready to party with you.

I wont stop being a part of the Nintendo community – it’s in my blood – but I sure hope the overall attitude changes soon.


Check out our non-biased review of Metroid Prime: Federation Force and our rant on game review scores.

3DS September Nintendo Direct

Kinda left you with the “meh” aftertase of “bleh,” didn’t it?

Simeon is holding down the fort with his reactions on Nintendo’s newest announcements for the 3DS, covering Super Mario Maker, Poochy and Yoshi, Yokai Watch, and a whole lot more!

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