Coolest Arcade Experience

Simeon needs to bring Scott with him on his crazy arcade adventures, so he doesn’t feel so left out!

Simeon recently experienced the coolest arcade ever, and got to conquer some screens of Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, and more. The legacy of arcades lives on in every gamer, so we take some time to enjoy arcade culture!

Shot by Alex Campbell

“Reformat” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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Scott is an author and a lifelong fan of video games. Conqueror of punishing platformers such as Celeste, Super Meat Boy, N+, The Impossible Game, and Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels. You can find him constantly changing his main character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, stuck inside a VR headset, or helplessly addicted to Fortnite.